Wake up with Monroe, hang out with Michael Grey in the afternoon, and Rock All Day Long!

Michael Grey

In 20 years on the air Grey has criss-crossed the country from the Great Lakes to the Pacific Northwest hosting programs in the Sports Talk, Country, and Rock formats. He has held virtually every title that that can be had in the world of radio; Program Director, Digital Director, Promotions Director, Music Director, and is proficient in both production and imaging as well. In addition, he has writing experience and authored a weekly sports op/ed column during his time with ESPN Seattle. 

Prolific with all forms of social media, Grey lives his life on the air and specializes in involving everyone listening in the process. When he’s not in the studio, you will find Grey hunting, fishing, camping, hiking or seeking a new excuse to get outdoors. He has a wife of 12 years and two kids who have made the journey with him, all of whom inexplicably still claim to love the man. 


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